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How I work

I'm a member of both BACP and UKCP, and adhere to their ethical framework.

I usually work with adults on a weekly basis and in an open-ended way, though sometimes a shorter period of counselling is appropriate. We can consider this option if a more solution-based approach is needed instead of a longer exploration of deep-seated issues.

It is in the nature of the therapy and the process of uncovering often deep-seated issues, that we often feel worse before feeling better.

My Fees, for 50 minutes:

Exploratory session £40

Standard Fee £65

I have some discounted slots, please ask for availability. 



My training is Integrative, which means I draw on several established therapeutic approaches, guided by your needs and what feels appropriate. These include;

body psychotherapy (getting in touch with bodily sensations in order to understand ourselves more fully)

attachment-based therapy (understanding how the relationship with our primary caregiver has affected our adult relationships, confidence and self-esteem)

psychodynamic therapy (using recent findings in the field of neuroscience as well as the psychoanalytic tradition to understand how our early experiences play out in our current life).

I believe mindfulness is a valuable way to approach our experience, so this also informs the way I live my life and work with my clients. 

My first counselling training was Person Centred, which puts you, the client, at the centre of your own process of healing and growth. I will work to create the conditions where this can take place. 

My approach to therapy is also Relational. I view the relationship between therapist and client as a vital aid to growth and self-discovery. Thus, we may work together to uncover your innate resources and notice where there might be blocks to building healthy relationships.


I honour and celebrate difference and diversity in background, culture, spirituality and sexuality, and strive to create a space where you feel open to explore parts of self that have been hidden, and perhaps feel unacceptable.

In my work with clients I hold an awareness of our shared ecological crisis and the affect it has on all of us.

I have a keen interest in the healing potential that comes with growing plants and spending time in nature.

Where circumstances allow I am open to working outside.

I hold the following qualifications,

Certificate in Person Centred therapy, University of East Anglia

Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling from the Minster Centre in London.

I am currently working on my dissertation and completing my Advanced Diploma and MA in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Minster Centre.

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